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Expert Contact Lens Fitting Services

Contact lenses are a great solution to have clear vision if you don’t want to wear your glasses. Almost all patient can wear contact lenses if the right lens is selected. Here at Perception Optometry we will fit you in a lens that best fits your eyes and lifestyle. If you are new to contacts and want to learn how to insert and remove them, our team will take their time until you feel comfortable with the process. Book your contact lens exam today to get started.

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Contact Lens Fitting Assessment

When choosing to wear contact lenses for vision correction, ensure that your comprehensive eye exam includes a contact lens fitting every time you need new contacts. Always request a contact lens exam during your regular visits to our optometry practice. It’s important to regularly replace your contacts as recommended, regardless of changes in your vision prescription, because wearing them beyond their intended use can harm your eyes, especially if your prescription changes. When you visit our optometry practice for a contact lens assessment, the process begins with a comprehensive eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy and to determine the current prescription needed for vision correction. Next, we conduct a contact lens fitting, which involves measuring the curvature and diameter of your eyes to find the best fitting lens for comfort and optimal vision.

We then allow you to try on a pair of contact lenses to assess their fit and comfort on your eyes. During this trial, our optometrist will evaluate how the lenses sit on your eyes, checking for proper alignment and movement with your blink, and ensuring that the lenses cover your cornea adequately without causing irritation or reducing oxygen supply to your eyes.

We also provide instruction on proper lens care, insertion, and removal techniques. This ensures you feel confident and comfortable managing your contact lenses at home. After the initial fitting, we schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor how well you are adapting to your new lenses and make any necessary adjustments. This comprehensive approach ensures that your contact lenses provide optimal vision, comfort, and eye health.

For all eye care needs, including exams and prescription lenses, contact our optometry center in La Cañada, CA. At Perception Optometry, we’re here to help.


Patient Reviews

Sarah T.
Zocdoc.com Review
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Wow! I finally found a friendly and honest optometry office in LA. Everyone was so nice and helpful - the Dr. especially. I felt heard and was well taken care of. The selection of contacts and glasses was great. My eye exam was very thorough and I learned a lot. Thank you so much Dr. Gevorgyan - looking forward to my next appointment!
Katherine A.
Zocdoc.com Review
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Delightful staff and easy booking process with Zocdoc. Helped me with my insurance questions to make sure I understood all of my payments and expectations clearly.
Brian O
Zocdoc.com Review
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Best experience I’ve ever had at an eye doctor. From the kind and lovely staff, to the thorough, professional, and empathetic doctor, all in a state of the art & super clean facility - all around great experience. Thank you!!

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